What are we

The general medium and long-term objectives to be achieved are:

  • To grow the digital and innovative digital ecosystem linked to tourism
  • To structure and strengthen this business ecosystem
  • To encourage cooperation between our partners for the creation of innovative projects and solutions
  • To export technology and talent of the Valencia Community to the international tourism sector
  • To coordinate the different agents involved in the sector, identifying opportunities and improvements in the Valencian innovative and tourism sector.
  • To promote the innovation and digital transformation of the Valencia Community’s tourism sector

ADESTIC is the Cluster of Innovative Companies for Tourism in the Valencia Community. We are a Business Association supported by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and Invattur, whose mission is to provide a new productive layer to the Valencian tourism value chain, structuring, promoting and strengthening the business fabric linked to innovation and the digitalisation of tourism.

Objective: Our objective is to identify, support and promote companies, professionals and business owners linked to innovation and the digitalisation of tourism. ADESTIC wants to favour the creation of innovative tourism projects, products and services that can be promoted nationally and internationally.