Nativos Sostenibles

Nativos Sostenibles

Nativos Sostenibles

Technological development

Revoluz, through its Nativos Sostenibles platform, provides use cases in order to advance in the fulfillment of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), combining sustainability and technology.

Tourists and visitors are increasingly demanding a greater commitment to sustainability from the companies, products and services they consume. In this sense, their proposal, endorsed by the Valencian Innovation Agency and the City Councils with which they are working, offers a Hub in municipal sustainability, as well as products and services to improve the commitment and positioning of tourism companies with regard to the SDG 2030.

Its Smart Sustainability Hub and SDG Kreator are its innovation base for the tourism sector as they firmly believe in sustainability and digitalization as drivers and differentiators of the sector. This company applies technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, combined with awareness and positioning. Among the company's most outstanding services, the following stand out: 

1. SDG Kreator

  • Actions in sustainability and in compliance with the 2030 SDGs that will help reduce the carbon footprint and improve the ESG impact of the company.
  • Analysis and proposal of the positive impacts, based on the SDG 2030 that the company and its collaborators are carrying out.
  • Nativo Sostenible distinction, improving the company's sustainability positioning.

2. Smart Sustainability Hub: Aimed mainly at Municipalities and Public Administration that wish to advance in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030:

  • Promotion of local commerce.
  • Promotion of citizen and visitor/tourist awareness as well as digital positioning in sustainability of Sustainable Natives.
  • Sustainable Native: establishment, trade, company or business that has been made aware of sustainability and SDG 2030, carrying out an activity that produces a positive impact on any of the SDG 2030.
  • Sustainable Native badge and registration in the Hub's database, accessing a platform that will provide the establishment with communication and positioning vis a vis the citizen, tourist and visitor.